Danielle McGrew Photography | Newborn Photography: Welcome Baby Hunter!

Newborn Photography: Welcome Baby Hunter!

February 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Do you love babies? I love babies. The tiny, perfect fingers and toes, eyes and ears and nose, big toothless yawns and little sleepy murmurs. Too. Sweet.

My friends Jamie and Mike had their first baby, a son, on Jan. 27. I was so thrilled to get to photograph the little guy at 10 days old— a great age for sweet, sleepy newborn photography.

Are you ready to swoon?

Baby H. was actually snoring during this photo— the tiniest, funniest little snores. It was all I could do to not burst out laughing!

And that BOW TIE! How dapper! :)

Newborn photography is radically different from other lifestyle or posed portraiture. Baby determines everything! There are all kinds of tricks and methods, but if baby is hungry, needs a diaper change, or simply wants to be held, that's what you do. Patience is key. I was able to capture this lovely moment while Hunter was awake; most of the session, he was asleep (which was great!) He was a very sound sleeper as I gently moved him from pose to pose.

And of course, you can't have a little boy named "Hunter" without taking some hunting-themed photographs! This one was actually his daddy's idea (though it may have been inspired by wanting to show off his deer and his baby at the same time!)


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