Danielle McGrew Photography | Seeing green: A trip to a conservatory

Seeing green: A trip to a conservatory

February 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Living in Michigan, the winters are long, cold and snowy. Though we had a brief respite (one day) with no snow on the ground, after a point all you want to do is see something green.

We have three little houseplants (orchid, African violet and some ivy) but there's nothing quite like being surrounded by beautiful growing things. Maybe I think that because I grew up on a farm. 

On Monday, President's Day, neither my husband nor I were working, so we decided to take a day trip down to Detroit to visit a couple museums. While on Belle Isle (which is lovely) we visited the conservatory, an activity neither of us had done.

Often, when I'm going somewhere I know I'll want to make photos but prefer to have something smaller than my work camera, I make my Fuji X100S. That's what I did with these photographs as I captured some of my favorite colors, patterns and textures. 

CactusCactusCactus Pink PoofPink Poof Blue flowerBlue flower Shades of VioletShades of Violet Ruffled StemRuffled StemPlant with ruffed stem. Belle Isle ConservatoryBelle Isle Conservatory



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