What we are...

Visual storytellers.

Before making a single image, we spend time getting to know you. We want to capture natural moments and show off your personality, your child's genuine smile, your fiancé's tenderness. We'll chat for a while before determining what you, our client, want out of this experience. This means your photographs are unique to you!

With children, this often means allowing them to play and interact with parents or with each other, resulting in giggles and grins and sweet moments between family members.

With couples, this means stepping back and allowing them to talk to each other, laugh and hold each other without interference.

With newborns, sessions are paced for the baby's comfort. Need to stop for a feeding? Sure. Sleeping? Excellent. Wide awake and wants to be held? We can do that!

With weddings, it's a whole different ballgame. We will meet with you a few times to ensure your big day goes smoothly and that we will capture all the beautiful moments you've been dreaming of for years! Your package will be personally tailored to fit your needs. Contact us at 618-843-4213 for a consultation.

What we are not...

Shutter monkeys. 

No cookie-cutter poses, no generic pictures. We know that your family is special, and we want your photographs to be just as special! We take time to craft images with years of experience.